Healthy fast food in the form of Aloe Shots + Tea + Shakes.

Healthy fast food
in the form of Aloe Shots + Tea + Shakes.

We have 1-on-1 coaching to help plan
personal nutrition, weight-management and fitness goals.


Your first shake in a nutrition club is HALF OFF!


Stop by today for a meal replacement shake,
energizing tea and a shot of soothing aloe.

Monday - Wednesday & Friday: 7am - 3pm
Thursday: 7am - 3pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm*

*open 3 Saturday’s a month,
check our Instagram Fridays to see when we’re closed


3 10th Avenue South
Hopkins, MN 55343


Everything we do changes people’s lives.

We build communities that get results through nutrition, education, and empowerment.

And we happen to sell the best nutritional products in the world.

We are Herbalife.

10th & Main Nutrition

We searched high and low for a place that we could bring our energy, excitement, and knowledge to. A community we could pour our core values in. We found that in Hopkins. 

When we opened in August 2017 we felt welcome right off the bat and started to meet people we knew fit the vibe of our tribe. People who wanted to find a community that was fun, healthy, authentic, empowered, and passionate about getting results.

We are a group of coaches who know how to get results through nutrition. Herbalife is the name of our game, and while we believe we have the greatest supplements in the world, the bigger brag point for us is: we focus on personal development and community through healthy transformations.

Whether it’s playing dodgeball on a cool September afternoon, attacking a cycle class in the middle of winter, or getting up the courage to try CrossFit - we love to play together as much as we love to cheer one another on!

During the week you can find any of the four of us serving up healthy meals at our nutrition club in the form of an aloe shot, a glass of tea, and a shake. After hours we offer free nutrition coaching, weight loss challenges, and occasional community nights. 

You can be local or international, we know how to get you involved in a  community that fits you, teach you how to work supplements into your life for the results you’re looking for, and overall be exposed to some of the most incredible people on this planet!


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